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You've Been Invited!


Before Scheduling a Call, Review Our FAQs:

  1. Why was I extended an invitation to this opportunity? – You were invited to review the course because you are considered a positive influence to women in our society. With your help, we will offer thousands of women REAL solutions to cope with the countless stress-inducing obstacles we face today. It's not necessary to complete the ENTIRE course, just enough to make you comfortable offering an honest testimonial. 

  2. How will my name and image be used? – It's our intention to use your image (video if you provide it), and your written testimonial on our website and marketing ads to provide social proof that the content of the course is very useful in today's social climate. We will ask you to sign a one page agreement giving us permission to use your name and image. We will NOT publish anything without your written approval. You may also specify your own terms.

  3. Is there monetary compensation? - The course has a 4-figure price tag which you are NOT required to pay. It's provided to you at no charge. There's no financial compensation to you, as we'd like to maintain the integrity and authenticity of your testimonial. However, you will have access to the course for as long as you desire without ever being asked for payment of any kind.

  4. Do I have access to the course after I provide my testimonial? - Yes! Please enjoy the course and its member benefits to improve your life for as long as you wish.

  5. Can I share this [paid] course with others after it's launched? – Yes, and commission is offered (totally optional). The course is $4,997 and the commission is $1,000 per referral. Please ask for an affiliate link if interested.

  6. May I share this testimonial opportunity with other notables? – Please do! Provide them with my contact details (displayed below) and I’d be happy to extend an invitation to them. (Please don't automatically send them the link to this page)

  7. What if I don’t like the content? – Then you will not be expected to provide a positive testimonial. We only want to display authentic feedback.

  8. When will the program be available to the public? - The course is scheduled to end its beta testing at the end of September, 2021 and will be released to the public at that time.

  9. Can my website, social media page, or blog be displayed along with my testimonial? – Yes, we can certainly add a hyperlink to the webpage of your choice following your testimonial.

  10. How much time will I have to review the content? - You will have approximately 30 days to review the content. Remember, you don't have to complete it in its entirety. Just enough to render an honest review of the value of the content.

  11. I’m in! How do I get started? – Fantastic! Complete the form below, and I will send you information on how to access the course.

Got more questions? Click below to schedule a call with me: | 866-443-6769 ext 2

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