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🌈Diversity, Equity & Inclusion🌈

Empathic communication leads to intentional execution

We bring to the surface differences - and likeness - of your team or group to better "see" through the lens from which others view the world. We help you put into practice some solutions to ensure that people feel a strong sense of belonging to the organization and each other. If you're considering a long term approach, check out our DEI program HERE.

Erika Gilchrist Female Keynote Speaker

I Am Enough

Tap into the untapped SHEbeast!

This topic gives its audience permission to boldly declare their life's worth on their own terms. We deep dive into the discovery of the qualities of the individual to reveal productive ways to harness those gifts in order to navigate the roller coaster ride of personal & professional relationships. {Coed or women only]

Erika Gilchrist Keynote Speaker

Mission NOT Impossible

Conflict management for varying personalities

This topic shows how to manage conflict with challenging personalities to reach a respectful understanding of the positions of all parties involved. We provide tangible solutions that can be implemented right away to begin the process of de-escalation.

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Influential Artistry - Moving Others Into Action

The art of influencing

At some point in your life, you will have a desire to influence others into specific courses of action. This topic offers fundamental strategies, tactics, and tools to do just that. Learn what inspires others to make decisions, the influential process, and keywords & phrases that persuade.

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Team Cohesiveness

Team building that works!

Together, we will strengthen the bonds between your team members to achieve cohesiveness so you may move towards the same goal as a unit. WARNING! This training may cause team members to like each other :-)

Erika Gilchrist at ELS Forum

Secrets to Being an Unstoppable Woman

Roll up your sleeves, make no excuses, and get what you want!

This topic shares her transformational journey from homelessness, abuse, and suicide attempts to how she became the owner of the largest expo for women in business in Chicagoland. Chocked full of new insights, practical advice, and catalyzing ideas, Erika shows you how to strengthen your spirit, harness the power of change, and firmly plant your feet on the path to emotional well-being.

Erika Gilchrist Keynote Speaker

   Leadership Isn't a Title,

        It's an Action!

Leading from within

This topic is ideal for emerging leaders to start them off with a strong foundation so they can lead through their strengths and their authenticity. This topic is universal, but is very popular in the college & university community.

Erika Gilchrist Keynote Speaker

Domestic Violence Prevention & Escape

No more | We've had enough

Erika dives deeply into the murky waters of partner violence and sheds light into the dark spaces of abuse. This topic outlines in great detail exactly what abuse looks like, how to prevent it, and how to escape it unharmed. In business, Erika shows companies how partner violence negatively impacts the bottom line and offers tangible solutions to protect the company and its staff.

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Resilience in Entrepreneurship

Success strategies for business owners

The resilience of the entrepreneur is truly the 8th wonder of the world. Erika will show you how to decipher if entrepreneurship is right for you, getting started in the process, how to expand, and how to overcome mental and emotional roadblocks in the process. It also covers how to turn your idea into a sellable product. You'll get marketing strategies (including media), funding resources, and where to find free stuff to help your business grow.

Erika Gilchrist Genesys Works 3_edited.jpg

Humility is Overrated

Unapologetically ROCK your strengths!

Long gone are the days of taking the back seat and hoping someone else sees your value. This topic teaches that humility is an overrated virtue and plunges deep into how to claim your rightful place in the driver’s seat using valuable tactics designed to transform your life and business. [Coed or women only]


We can also customize topics to suit your needs. Other areas of content can include:

  • Content development

  • Diplomatic communication

  • Public speaking training

  • Confidence building

Contact us today to create a customized presentation!

Budget, schedule, or travel conflicts are no longer an issue.

It's still possible to book Erika Gilchrist as

the keynote speaker for your event!

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